Almost 70 years after the exile, the Israelites were experiencing hardships and wondered if the prophetic promises of a new Jerusalem would ever be fulfilled. The book of Zechariah answers this question through several dream visions, challenging God's peopel to remain faithful and hope in God’s promises.

These bizarre images remind God's people that they must remain faithful to the covenant if they want the new Jerusalem, messianic Kingdom, and the end of evil to come to pass. Even though the book doesn't follow a neat, orderly pattern and contains scary and bizarre images, it shows glimpses of God's hand in guiding history toward his purposes. It’s a message that’s still relevant to us today—we can look above the chaos and hope for God's Kingdom, which will motivate faithfulness in the present.

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NIV Bible Zechariah Introduction

The prophet Zechariah brought his messages to the returned exiles of Judah beginning in the second year of King Darius of Persia (520 BC). The book has two main parts. The first contains two sequences of prophecies, primarily in the form of symbolic vision reports. The second main part is made up mostly of poetic oracles concerned with the nation’s leaders.

After a general call to repentance, Zechariah records a series of eight visions to encourage the people in rebuilding the temple. The first and last describe four differently colored horses and their riders sent over the earth. The second and third visions show that hostile foreign powers no longer threaten the country. The sixth and seventh visions report the removal of the people’s sins. The two central visions depict God establishing Joshua the high priest and Zerubbabel the governor. The overall message is that God has everything in place for the rebuilding project.

The second sequence of prophecies has six parts. Ever since the disaster of the exile and the temple’s destruction, the people had been fasting at certain times of the year. The messages here urge the people to practice justice as the true form of fasting and to focus on rebuilding. Then Zechariah announces that all their fasts will become joyful celebrations.

The book’s final section predicts that after the people suffer under bad shepherds, God will send a righteous king from David’s line. The Lord will triumph over every enemy and be king over the whole earth.

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Zechariah Introduction

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