2 Timothy

Paul writes to Timothy under Roman guard, requesting that he come to visit.

Paul’s repeated imprisonments for preaching the Gospel have earned him a bad reputation. Many have already distanced themselves from the negative stigma of being his friend, so Paul knows that asking Timothy to visit comes with a cost.

Timothy will need great courage to be associated with Jesus and Paul’s sufferings, so Paul assures him that the risk is worth the cost. While others may reject and abandon Timothy, Jesus will always be faithful. Jesus knows what it is like to be abandoned, so his comforting presence is even more tangible in times of suffering. And even more than that, Timothy can be encouraged because hardships have an expiration date.

Jesus’ resurrection proves that suffering will end and that resurrection for his followers is coming too. One day, all things will be made new.

What can we learn from Paul’s encouragement to Timothy? In our culture today, what are the risks of following Jesus and supporting those who suffer with him? And why is following Jesus worth the risk?

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NIV Bible 2 Timothy Introduction

Paul left his co-worker Timothy in the city of Ephesus to deal with some renegade leaders in the church there. When Timothy struggled, however, Paul went back to Ephesus. Once there, Paul suffered a great deal of harmfrom Alexander, one of these leaders, and he was once again imprisoned and taken to Rome. He expected that this time he would be tried and executed. Paul wrote to Timothy to ask him to come to Rome quickly.

Things in Ephesus had not gone as Paul or Timothy expected. Paul had ordered both Alexander and Hymenaeus to step down from leadership, but they were continuing to oppose Paul. Others had joined them, and they were still misdirecting people into a corrupted version of the faith that stressed debate and dissension rather than purity and obedience. Timothy was discouraged and intimidated. Paul’s letter includes challenges to stay faithful to the true message - even if this meant suffering or death. Paul reminds Timothy that in the days before the open appearance of Jesus as king, there will be lots of trouble. False teachers, treacherous and insincere people, persecutions and more will all challenge the faithfulness of God’s people.

Paul urges Timothy to remember the gospel message: Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David. He points out that the sacred writings Timothy has known since he was a child are God-breathed, and will help him continue in doing good work.

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2 Timothy Introduction

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