Fire Within

Fire Within

Welcome to my "Fire Within" Bible Study Guide!

As you may have already guessed, I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ (i.e. a Christian). The short version of my faith is I accepted Christ at an early age, and was active in my Church for many years. However I felt something lacking in my faith. I actually fell away from God much later in life, and through a series of (what I believe were miraculous events), God called me back into His fold. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I now have a passion to be in His word daily, allowing it to guide my life and decisions.

I share more about my Christian faith in the My Faith page.


Technology has radically changed the vast amount of resources that are instantly available to us all ... even as believers!

You can install the You Version Bible App (on your phone) which contains the entire Bible (any version) ... held right in the palm of your hand! From this you can read the scriptures, or stream an audible reading of God's word during your commute or work-out.

In addition you can find an abundance of Bible study resources on the internet. The problem is they are somewhat disjointed and difficult to organize and keep track of (in the context of a Bible study).

As a result I created this site. It is merely an accumulation of resource links that guide me through the books of the Bible. I have attempted to organize them in a concise list, so as to help keep track of where I am in my study.

How I Study

Everyone is going to have their own preference on how they study the Bible. In my case, I have found that it helps me to supplement the reading of Gods word with a sermon series from a trusted evangelical pastor. It simply adds more background and insight that makes the scriptures come alive. This of course this is in addition to prayer - asking the Holy Spirit for discernment and guidance.

When I study a book of the Bible, I follow this pattern:

  1. I like a high-level orientation to the book. What is the background? Who are the main characters. Why was the book written and what is it's major theme and emphasis?

  2. In some cases, I may audibly stream the entire book at a time. I am a slow reader, so streaming is a good option for me.

  3. For the actual study, I will read (or audibly stream) a few chapters at a time.

  4. I then supplement what I have read with the sermon series that I mentioned above.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 through the completion of the book :-)


Regarding the trusted set of resources found on this site, I am promoting the following:

  1. For the high-level orientation of each book, I offer two resources: Bible Project, and Spoken Gospel. You are free to use both of these, or simply choose the one that you prefer. The first is a presentation style, where the second is more of a contemporary video series.

  2. Regarding the main resource containing the sermon series on each book, I am using Cornerstone Chapel (with Pastor Gary Hamrick). This is a non denominational evangelical church in Leesburg, VA. I have grown to love the ministry of Pastor Gary. He provides so much insight to the scriptures, making them simply come alive (somewhat akin to watching The Chosen series on the life of Christ ).

I am so grateful for these biblical resources, and the men and women of God that have made them possible.

God Bless You

I pray that you find these resources useful in your personal Bible Study. May God bless you in your walk with Christ!

In Him,

P.S.: To get the most out of this site, I recommend taking a peek at the Getting Started section!

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