The book of Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke. Major themes include: Jesus returns to the Father • the Holy Spirit comes to the church • and Jesus' followers spread his gospel throughout the world.

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NIV Bible Acts Introduction

Luke’s second volume is known as the book of Acts. The six parts of the book of Acts each describe a new phase in the expansion of the Messiah - following movement outward from Jerusalem. These sections are all marked by variations on the phrase the word of God continued to spread and flourish:

  1. The church is established in Jerusalem and becomes Greek-speaking, allowing it to spread its message throughout the empire.

  2. The movement expands into the rest of Palestine.

  3. Gentiles are included in the gathering of Jesus-followers alongside Jews.

  4. Messengers are sent west into the Roman province of Asia.

  5. These messengers enter Europe.

  6. The movement reaches the capital city of Rome and into the highest levels of society; God’s kingdom is thus announced to all nations.

Bible Project

Acts Introduction Part 1: Acts 1-12 ... Part 2: Acts 13-28

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Spoken Gospel


What We Would Be Missing If We Didn't Have the Book of Acts

2009 Acts Series (Sundays)

Cornerstone Chapel

Note: As of 2023, this series has been archived (i.e. is no longer available ), however the Study Guides are still available.

2015-2016 Acts Series (Mid Week)

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2023 Acts Series (Sundays)

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