Jesus came to bring God's love and the gift of eternal life to the world.

The Gospel of John shows us many of Jesus’ signs. These signs are meant to point us to who Jesus is so that we might believe. Whether it is turning water to wine or turning over tables in the Temple, everything John shows Jesus doing is meant to help us believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins.

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NIV Bible John Introduction

John closes his book by revealing his purpose in writing Jesus’ story: These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

John begins his book by echoing words from the Bible’s creation story - In the beginning - showing his readers that this is a story of a new creation. Just as the first creation was completed in seven days, John uses the number seven to structure his book. For the Jews the number seven represented completeness and wholeness, a finished work of God revealing his purpose for the world.

The story is told in two main parts. The first describes Jesus’ public ministry and has seven sections. Each section closes with a report on how people respond to Jesus, either in faith or unbelief. The second part is devoted to the Passover weekend, when Jesus gave his life for the world.

John records seven instances in which Jesus revealed his identity by using the phrase I am, the name by which God had revealed himself earlier. Similarly, John records seven miraculous signs that Jesus performed. John’s narrative mentions twice that the resurrection of Jesus took place on the first day of the week. In this way he confirms that the power of a new creation has broken into our world.

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John Introduction

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In the Beginning (pg 13)
John 1:1-14
Come and See (pg 23)
John 1:40-51
I Will Raise (pg 33)
John 2:11-23
You Will Find (pg 43)
Luke 2:1-15
Everyone Who Believes (pg 53)
John 3:4-18
But Whoever Drinks (pg 63)
John 4:11-26
Pick Up Your Mat (pg 73)
John 5:5-16
I Am the Bread (pg 83)
John 6:26-40
He Sent Me (pg 93)
John 7:14-29
I Am the Light (pg 103)
John 8:3-18
You Have Seen Him (pg 113)
John 9:24-38
I Know My Own (pg 123)
John 10:7-14,25-30
I Am the Resurrection (pg 133)
John 11:32-46
Why Wasn’t This Sold?
John 12:1-11
If It Dies
John 12:20-33
I Will Come Again
John 13:31-14:6
Peace I Leave
John 14:16-29
Remain in Me
John 15:1-17
I Have Seen*
John 20:1-18
When the Spirit Comes
John 15:26-27; 16:7-15
I Pray
John 17:13-26
I Am He
John 18:1-11
I Find No Fault
John 18:28-40
It Is Finished
John 19:17-30
Reach out Your Hand
John 20:19-29
Do You Love Me?
John 21:15-23
In the Beginning (pg 13)John 1:1-1412/04/2022
Come and See (pg 23)John 1:40-5112/11/2022
I Will Raise (pg 33)John 2:11-2312/18/2022
You Will Find (pg 43)Luke 2:1-1512/25/2022
Everyone Who Believes (pg 53)John 3:4-1801/01/2023
But Whoever Drinks (pg 63)John 4:11-2601/08/2023
Pick Up Your Mat (pg 73)John 5:5-1601/15/2023
I Am the Bread (pg 83)John 6:26-4001/22/2023
He Sent Me (pg 93)John 7:14-2901/29/2023
I Am the Light (pg 103)John 8:3-1802/05/2023
You Have Seen Him (pg 113)John 9:24-3802/12/2023
I Know My Own (pg 123)John 10:7-14,25-3002/19/2023
I Am the Resurrection (pg 133)John 11:32-4602/26/2023
Why Wasn’t This Sold?John 12:1-1103/05/2023
If It DiesJohn 12:20-3303/12/2023
I Will Come AgainJohn 13:31-14:603/19/2023
Peace I LeaveJohn 14:16-2903/26/2023
Remain in MeJohn 15:1-1704/02/2023
I Have Seen*John 20:1-1804/09/2023
When the Spirit ComesJohn 15:26-27; 16:7-1504/16/2023
I PrayJohn 17:13-2604/23/2023
I Am HeJohn 18:1-1104/30/2023
I Find No FaultJohn 18:28-4005/07/2023
It Is FinishedJohn 19:17-3005/14/2023
Reach out Your HandJohn 20:19-2905/21/2023
Do You Love Me?John 21:15-2305/28/2023

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