Amazing Maze Applet

Here is the actual program running my Mice through the paces.
This is a Java Applet, requiring a 4.0 Java Enabled Browser to run.
If no program appears above, either your browser does not support Java or you have not enabled Java.

Unfortunantly, as of 2015 virtually no browser supports Java Applets.

If time permits, I will post some videos of the app :-)
  1. Below each Maze you can select the Mouse to run the puzzle. Be careful with ScatterBrained ... he is not too smart, and may take a long time to solve.
  2. The text box shows the results of each run (with an astrisk next to the winner)!
  3. Each puzzle cycle will generate a new random maze and then make a duplicate copy for each Mouse to traverse. It is then up to each Mouse to solve the puzzle! Starting gates are at the green square, and the finish line is in red. False moves are shown in gray, and the solution is highlighted in yellow. Since this is a perfect maze, each puzzle has only one solution.
  4. You may select the Maze Size, vary the Solve Speed, and put it in a continous Cycle mode.
If you want to learn more about Maze Generation, see Bob Kirkland's web site at

Author: Andrew Bridges
Last modified: Wed Aug 21 19:49:05 Central Daylight Time 2002
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