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Kevin Bridges

a "current" developer from a different era
from the greater St. Louis area (Metro East)

I have been actively involved in software development for 40 years, of which the last half has been in consulting. My emphasis is in application-level software development, and is a full stack developer with expertise in Functional and Object Oriented Technologies, Distributed Management, Client/Server Computing, Web Development, GUI Development, and Engineering Applications.

I hold a Computer Science degree from the University of Missouri Rolla. I am very pragmatic, and production oriented, and enjoy working in all aspects of the software development life cycle.


a brief chronology of my work history

full resume

  • Present



    Now retired, my wife and I travel, and enjoy being grandparents.

    I have started biking. My son and daughter-in-law (a seasoned triathlete) inspired me to get more exercise.

    I keep current in JavaScript (es6), Node.js, Svelte, and React. My React stack includes redux, redux-logic, and feature-u. I have contributed to Open Source Software , publishing several libraries and articles

  • 2015


    St. Louis MO

    Full stack rules engine development, with extensive front-end work in both Web 2.0 and subsequently Angular ... using Java, JavaScript, Groovy, WebService, Oracle ... more detail

  • 2008


    Q-Up Mobile Systems
    St. Louis MO

    A local startup developing a series of mobile apps prior to smart phone existance (mid RGA work) ... using J2ME (Java Micro Edition) ... more detail

  • 2004


    St. Louis MO

    Development of biotech systems used by molecular breeding scientists ... using Java, Corba, Servlets, Struts, Swing, Applets, and Java2D ... more detail

  • 2003


    Express Scripts
    St. Louis MO

    Specialty Distribution Systems in the pharmaceutical industry ... using Java, Corba, Oracle, Jess, Clips ... more detail

  • 2001


    AG Edwards
    St. Louis MO

    Online investing systems interfacing end user access to on-line trading ... using Java Servlets, EJB, Oracle ... more detail

  • 1999


    Edward Jones
    St. Louis MO

    Convert legacy mainframe systems to a client/server architecture, initially with C++ under UNIX X-Windows, subsequently Java Applets/Servlets, and JavaScript ... more detail

  • 1995

    St. Louis MO

    Develop one of MasterCard's first client/server apps ... using C++, Visual C++, Oracle ... more detail

  • 1995


  • Begin

    Southwestern Bell TRI
    St. Louis MO

    Developed a proof-of-concept for Network Management ... using C++ and Corba ... more detail

  • 1994

    Ascom Timeplex
    St. Louis MO

    Developed a commercial ATM switch (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) for the tele-communication industry ... using C++ ... more detail

  • 1994


    McDonnell Douglas
    St. Louis MO

    Developed multiple systems, including a detailed scheduler ... using Pascal, and an innovative hydro-mechanical/electrical design engineering analysis tool (including schematic capture, control law definition, and simulation) with a full featured symbolic debugger ... using C++ under UNIX X-Windows ... more detail

  • 1987


    Electronic Data Systems
    Detroit MI

    Developed an Electrical CAD/CAM Engineering Design tool ... ... using PL/I under IBM MVS ... more detail

  • 1985


    Delco Electronics (GM)
    Kokomo IN

    Development of Bill of Material systems in support of both manufacturing and engineering processes ... using PL/I under MVS with IBM's IMS DB ... more detail

  • 1979

    Graduation - UMR

    BS Computer Science, GPA 3.5/4.0, Magna Cum Laude Upsilon Pi Epsilon (President) ... more detail

  • 1977

    McDonnell Douglas
    St. Louis MO

    Summer internship developing statistical interfaces to in-house structural analysis programs ... using FORTRAN ... more detail


"Building to scale requires prior intent"

... Nigel Thomas

This section contains some of my Tech Links of interst ...


I can talk about the following ...

feature-u Basic Concepts
Unleash the Power of
Feature-Based Development

Responsive Svelte
exploring Svelte's reactivity


I have published the following articles ...

feature-u Teaser
Introducing feature-u: Are you using features in your project?

feature-u Concepts (V1)
Unleash the Power of Feature Based JS Development - with feature-u V1

feature-u Intro (V0)
Feature-Based Development for React

Responsive Svelte
Exploring Svelte's Reactivity

Documenting Open Source Projects
Integrating GitBook with JSDoc to Document Your Open Source Project

Open Source

I have been contributing to open source since 2015,
and published several libraries
here are some highlights ...

tailwindcss ...

powerful tailwind color themes (dynamically selectable at run-time)

Feature-Based Development ...

Feature-Based Development for React

redux plugin for feature-u

redux-logic plugin for feature-u

StateRouter plugin for feature-u (feature-based navigation using redux state)

redux utilities ...

Redux Action Promotion providing action creator generation, implicit action types, and overall action organization

Redux reducer composition utilities

gitbook plugins ...

GitBook plugin that "tames" large left-nav menus by visualizing one section at a time

fun apps ...

a Date Night Random Restaurant Selector (a Progressive Web App - PWA)

a Date Night Random Restaurant Selector (my first react-native expo mobile app)

a sandbox University Transcript App with enough real-world requirements to make it interesting

Fun Fun

My Son's 7th grade Science Fair was a Computer Science project ...

Amazing Mazes
My Son's 7th grade
Science Fair project